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Don't mess with Karma. Track it. And compete.

Do you possess All-Star JuJu? Ever wish you could keep track of how you IMPACT the games you watch? myIMPACT is a true fan's best app. Whether your "thing" is wearing your lucky jersey, crossing your fingers on a 3-2 pitch, or changing the channel if your team gets behind... myIMPACT will track your "superstition's" impact. myIMPACT is devotion.

Are you a difference-maker?

Keep track of what you need to happen, what you do to impact your team, and then record if it worked. Compete with friends to see who can get the highest myIMPACT level.

  • myIMPACT meter

    See how you really impact your teams.
    Get a higher IMPACT when your "superstitions" works consistently, lower when it doesn't.

  • Command Center

    Need to shave your back for a win? Close your eyes for a strikeout? Keep track of endless combinations here, then come back and record if they worked.

  • mySTATS

    See your completed events,
    grouped by date or result. The more times you make a difference, the higher your myIMPACT level.